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CashWerkz is transforming how investors buy and manage cash products.

Our unique online solution allows you to easily source Australian term deposits with the best returns on the cash and fixed income products that best suit your investment goals.

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Our registration process is painless and fast – you can invest today.


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The CashWerkz app (due out March 2015) will allow you to invest on any device at any time.

Failure to switch costs Australian investors 8.9 Billion every year.

Make sure your cash is earning the best possible rate

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Helping Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Investments

If you’re interested in a safe return on a cash strategy or the best way to structure for yield, we will be making other cash and fixed income products accessible to SMSFs and IFAs.

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Invest anywhere, anytime.

CashWerkz is a mobile, real-time solution. As a cloud application you can take it with you anywhere and use it on any  tablet device - the iOS and Android apps will be available April 2015. 

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CashWerkz app coming soon

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